19 February 2014

Lush made me a hoarder (also known as Lush haul)

I love Lush. Simple as that. The products, the store displays, the variety, natural ingredients, the fact that every Lush store around the world smells exactly the same... I love pretty much everything about it.

I've always been a bath lover, despite having to settle for a shower for the sake of convenience, most of the time. And to me, a long lazy bath is a thing of winter; one has only so many things to do during the slightly depressing yet cozy (and long, may I add) nights of winter. I enjoy a bath with a book that I don't mind dropping in the water by accident and some blues or jazz playig in the background.

Lush has single handedly occupied my entire bath routine and they always have something new and exciting that I find myself making excuses to try. This winter has been very odd, welcoming the premature spring weather very very early; so I intend to use my precious Lush favourites before it gets too warm to even think about sitting in a tub full of hot water. The fact that I bought too many stuff to use in a short time is a reminder for my future self to go easy on the bath bombs and bubble bars next time.

I doubt I'll take my own advice though.

Shoot For The Stars (Bath Ballistic)

Twilight (Bath Ballistic)

Dorothy (Bubble Bar)

Rose Jam (Bubble Bar)

Rose Jam & Happy Hippy Shower Gels

Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub (Gotta appreciate the rhyme)

Sugar Scrub for Body

Mint Julips Sugar Scrub

PS: Yes, I have used almost half of the Rub Rub Rub and a healthy amount of Mint Julips because I was too la(zy)te to shoot these. But now I can happily say that Rub Rub Rub is a brilliant scrub when used dry and Mint Julips has already been a favourite (and delicious).


  1. Hadnt heard of lush so thanks for the introduction. Sounds divine;-)

  2. i know this all too well; currently have twenty lush products floating around.

    1. Hahahah I totally get you! It's addictive.

  3. I love the way you can smell a Lush store long before you see it! Their products make wonderful gifts too. I especially love the soaps which are cut to the size you need.

  4. ooh i love what you bought! i used some of my bubble bar last night... it was so good. i've been aware (but not into) lush for so long. now i'm wondering why i waited so long to get into it.

  5. I love lush - the lip scrub is a perfect treat for a pamper night x



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